Friday, 20 April 2007

For the Healing

Two "blocks" of wood crossed over on...
In the darkness
Drums are beating
Telling of a ancient wrong
Do you hear them
Oh my Sister?
Can you sing
Old sorrow's song?
Did your Mother
Tell the story
As you sat beside her hearth?
Did your Father
Tell your Brother
As they trod the forest path?
Song of sorrow
Song of history
Like a birthmark on the skin
Only love can heal the wound now!
Only love forgive the sin
Love sung out
By hearth,
In forest
Let the heart song
Now begin

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Waiting for trains

Description: F Train, Manhattan-bound, 17 May ...
But not seeing each other
The careful avoidance of the eyes
Distance achieved by awareness
That is not recognition
I know who you are
And sometimes
You wonder about me
But we don't speak
Knowing that would be
An intimacy too far
An exposure
Almost like peeling off a skin
But I look for you among the commuters
And I miss you when you aren't there