Friday, 30 March 2007


Long ago and somewhere else,
In the warm and scented evening,
You sat cross-legged beside my door.
Your deep brown voice sent tremors through me
As you told the old stories;
Memories of those other days.
I hear that voice
Now, as I sit here in the city.
I can see your heavy-lidded eyes, half shut;
Almost a trance between us.
Somewhere, a dog howls like a wolf,
And a choice is made.
You are no more my hero.
And you never were my friend.
We both knew that from that day,
I would no longer wake alone.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Red Rocks

Shimmers of memory
Long before memory
Visions and echoes here
Long, long ago
Someone is singing here
At the edge of my hearing
Shadows are moving
At the edge of my eye
Others have walked this place
Others have wandered here
Left us their dreams
Long, long ago
Time before present time
Place before this place
They left their echoes here
Left us their blessing
Here in the rocks around
Under this sky


Wolf running with me
Ancient spirit

Wolf running with me
Gentle councillor

Wolf running with me
Noble Brother

Wolf running with me
Honoured teacher

Wolf running with me
Cherished friend

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

On Equinox Eve

Can you see
Light from the South
Glowing across the Sky

Can you see

Light from the North

Cradling the Earth

Can you see

Two great hearts

Joining, becoming one

Can you see

Two great lights

Joining with Sun and Moon

No shadows left now

No dark places left

To grow the seeds of war

Can you see
Seeds of peace
Flowering on the new day

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Spring Song

I was dry
You brought me water
Spirit soaring now
Spirit soaring

I was cold
You brought me fire
Spirit soaring now
Spirit soaring

Water of life
And inspiration
Spirit soaring now
Spirit soaring

And my love
Is overflowing
Spirit soaring now
Spirit soaring

And my heart
Is spirit led
Heart is soaring now
Heart is soaring

Spirits of nature
Join my spirit
Joy is soaring now
Joy is soaring

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

For the Gathering!

Brother Eagle
Brother Condor
Share the air
My mighty Brothers
Born of one united Sun
Glide together
Mighty Brothers
Honour us
Beneath your wings
Brother Eagle
Brother Condor
Bless your children
Make us one
Born of wisdom
Born of wonder
Let your People
Stand as one

Why the wolf howls

Hear our people
In the forest
You with us
Make up the whole

Leaf and tree
And rock and mountain
Tremble inside you
With our call

Fathers of your
Skin and sinew
Mothers of your
Blood and bone

We are here
Willing to guide you
We are here
To run beside you

Listen now
The call's compelling
Come to us
The wild is free

Monday, 12 March 2007

Walking on the wind

Come walking on the wind with me
My brother of the western wind.
Touch my hand lightly
As we will touch the world.

Come walking on the wind with me
My brother of an ancient line.
Come leave these troubled, shadow lands
And follow me towards the light.

Come walking on the wind with me
My brother of the mountain tops.
Let's kiss the clouds;
It's time to be one spirit whole.

Come walking on the wind me
My lovely one, my man of peace.
Be one with me, unite
Together, let us change the world. 

When we met!

Do you remember when we met?
It was winter
But all I remember
Is sunshine on your face

You taught me the history of reggae
With a wall of vinyl
Warm colours
In a room full of sound