Thursday, 9 April 2020

Fleet footed to ecstatic wings

The wolf solitary,
Alpha and Omega, 
Strength in the shoulder,
Fur that absorbs,
Across vast plains
To meet mountains,
Green with trees,
Then scrub,
To rocky summit.
Above the clouds,
Glistening in light,
An endless exchange,
Of colours,
Noon through to dusk,
And on to scented night.
Losing the comfort
Of warm fur
For wings,
Beyond colour,
Beyond description.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Estuary Thoughts

There was the wolf
Sitting beside me,
My fingers warm
In the fur at his neck.
We sat in silence
On the estuary bank.
The teasing smell of seaweed,
And sweet mud, in our nostrils.
With water moving
Gently below us.
And all the pain,
All the fear,
All the loneliness,
Went drifting on the breeze,
As the tide turned.
And the river,
That mighty father/mother
Of the valley,
Carried water
Of the Welsh hills,
Down to a forgiving sea.